The Ultimate Guide to Keep Your Man Interested Without Playing Games with Him

Are you sick of being broken-hearted while other women appear to have an unfair advantage when it comes to love and dating?

If so, this comprehensive guide is for you. In this book, you will learn how to get what you want from the man you desire in your life by stepping into and expanding on, instead of sacrificing, your authenticity in the precise way he finds most attractive.

Cultivate a true sense of empowerment in your pursuit of love and relationships with new skills and perspectives to benefit you on your unique journey to love and beyond. You don’t just want any relationship, after all.

You’re tired of playing games and dating game-players. You are ready for the best, most satisfying relationship of your life that will put all the previous suffering you’ve experienced into proper perspective. I know this about you because my coaching clients, many women just like you, have been on a similar journey and I helped them navigate the do’s and don’ts of how to seduce him with great success. As a former matchmaker, I have a unique advantage because I know the difference between the way men and women approach dating, and what their expectations are when it comes to finding a love partner. Some things I learned may surprise you. Other things you may be familiar with, but you need to explore them from a new angle.As a professional hypnotist, I’ve been able to translate what I know about the subconscious mind: his and yours, that will bring everything together in a way that makes actionable sense.

Many women find the information in this guide to be refreshingly easy to understand and revelatory due to the examples, metaphors, and exercises provided.

Discover the Secrets to Get the Guy You Want and Keep Him Begging for More

Many women begin with the question: What can I do to attract him and keep him? However, the answer to that question actually comes from starting with a different question altogether, one that may seem overly simplistic to the girl who’s hell-bent on chasing a man. That question is: How do I WANT TO FEEL in a relationship?

You may not realize it yet, but there’s a real magic in that question that can change your life. A woman who is a catch knows how she wants to feel AND how to go after that feeling. She knows how to manage her emotions and knows when she’s influencing his emotions and his behavior. It’s not just self-confidence she possesses, but a kind of understanding most women are never taught and this knowledge will bring you new peace of mind around love and relationships.

Date the Man You Deserve and Keep Him Wanting More

Still thinking about your ex? Still wondering what he’s up to or who he’s with? No need. After you’ve seduced the new and better-than-all-the-rest guy you attract into your life you will only have two words for that guy: F*ck him!Life and love gets so much better when you learn the secrets within these pages. You will wonder, like many before you, why it took so long for you to learn strategies other women already knew to win their man’s heart. But, the reason you didn’t know is because the timing wasn’t right until this moment. And this moment is the precise RIGHT time to get started on the your next chapter of life. Everything else was leading you here to learn this and meet the guy you may spend the rest of your life with.

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